How to get $ 1600 per month on passive?

Hi guys, back in August 2020, I wrote about the affiliate program of the Nominex cryptocurrency exchange, about 10 people wrote to me in a personal and showed interest. We began to work closely with Nominex exchange since February 2021, when Nominex launched DeFi project and yield farming NMX token.

Yield farming is a reward for providing liquidity. Simply put, you invest your money in a pool of liquidity and receive a reward for this (in NMX) every day.

My team and I started yield farming NMX. I will not describe the instructions here, there is a lot of content on the Internet.

So let’s move on to the numbers: I entered the project on 26 February and in total I have invested $3009.68 for today.

I invested $100 in the first month, $200 in the second, and in April I invested up to $3000.

My investments bring:

  1. Personal farming

Every day I receive tokens based on my share in the main pool. I am getting 2,4032 NMX /day.

2. Holder bonus

I get another 0,819366 NMX / day. This bonus depends on the time, the longer you farm, the more you get.

3. Referral farming

Every day I receive 10% of the farmed tokens from personal referrals. The percentage depends on the referral level.

I have a VIP level.

I have 21 active referrals, they farm NMX. Every day from their farming I get 3,57367 NMX / day.

4. Team farming

In addition to the bonus from my direct referrals, every day I receive 10% from the farming of the whole team. My direct referrals have referrals, so they are part of my team. This type of bonus gives me 4,47359 NMX /day.

Total: 2,4032+0,819366+3,57367+4,47359= 11,269826 NMX/day

That’s roughly 349.364 NMX per month. The price of the token is growing, now it is traded in the region of $ 4.65. If we take this price into account, it turns out:

349,364 * 4,65 = $1 624,5 per month on yield farming Nominex.

At the same time, some of my referrals earn more than me from personal farming.

In general, the project inspires confidence, since this is not just another issued token, but everything is tied to a cryptocurrency exchange, which is among the top 40 exchanges in terms of trading volume around the world. That is, in addition to yield farming, traders use the exchange every day, who also use NMX when paying commissions. If you are a trader, you can trade for free if you are yield farming.


Nominex has launched an interesting and highly profitable DeFi project. The exchange is actively developing, from interesting news we liked the brokerage program with Binance (the largest exchange). In fact, when trading on Nominex, you will be trading on Binance, but using all the Nominex chips and features.

On NMX farming, you can earn on passive. Register on the Nominex website and start farming NMX.

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